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Our Core Team

Our team is dedicated to the success of our clients and assets.

We make our investors' returns priority and strive to exceed expectations.


Jason Harris​

Jason started his real estate investing journey while studying economics at BYU. He chose to buy a fourplex that he and his wife Carrie first lived in when he was 24. Since then, they have pursued investing in cash flowing properties and have built a real estate portfolio valued at approximately $300 million. Jason has started 3 real estate companies focused on real estate investing. They founded Harris Investment Group, a private equity firm focusing on value-add multifamily assets and commercial properties, Harris Real Estate Group, a real estate & property management brokerage, and Creative Gains, a mentoring & education company.
Jason’s primary focus is sourcing and evaluating commercial real estate opportunities for the Investment Group. He has sourced and invested in commercial properties in multiple states/geographies and continues to be passionate in his quest for analyzing properties from a unique perspective in order to add value, and ultimately financial reward, for the investors who invest alongside his personal capital.

Matthew Denning 

Matthew joined Harris Investment Group in 2020 and assists Jason in analyzing investment opportunities, as well as overseeing external relationships. Matthew spent over 20 years on Wall Street, personally managing over $3 billion within the AIG Alternative Investment Group, as well as acting as the Head of Risk Management for a $10+ billion investment portfolio. His career in research and risk spans multiple private and public securities markets.


Lisa Turner

Lisa is a Day 1 employee of Harris Investment Group. She leads the Investment Deal Execution team, coordinating and overseeing the operational complexities involved in buying/selling/refinancing properties. She is a licensed real estate broker and has a personal love for buying properties that will make her millions of dollars.

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