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Fund II


Fund II

HIG Real Estate II (Fund II) opened in the Spring of 2022 and is the third fund raised by the firm. Fund II mirrors Fund I in its investment objectives and asset mix. Similar to Fund I, the assets in Fund II stretch across many submarkets throughout the United States but with the portfolio core focused in the Kansas City and DFW markets. Fund II also saw the entrance to a new market with a large multifamily portfolio acquisition in Louisville. 

From March 2022 until the end of the year (so as to capitalize on bonus depreciation benefits for the calendar year) the HIG team raised and deployed $25M of investor capital. The fund portfolio includes an asset mix of 6 multifamily properties, and 3 gas stations/truck stops. This asset mix is a key differentiator of the firm's unique strategy which enables the fund to deliver both high returns and high depreciation loss benefits. 

Fund II is closed to additional investor capital. 

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