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The Firm

The Harris Investment Group Difference

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Proven track record with over 100 transactions

We operate by the same framework that our Founder & CEO, Jason Harris, operated by that allowed him to create his investment portfolio: A bottom-up approach whereby each investment is analyzed to stand on its own.

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Emphasis on growth & tax strategies

Maximizing risk-adjusted returns is critical for most alternative investments. At Harris Investment Group, we accomplish this while also maximizing tax savings.

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Holistic approach to portfolio construction.

We bring everyone to the table - CPAs, wealth advisors, and estate planners, along with advisors from our partner network to help reverse engineer how to determine the appropriate asset allocation to alternative investments.

The Origin Story

Coming from humble circumstances, Jason Harris learned early the invaluable principles of hard work and frugality. Naturally inclined to investments, Jason began working in financial services as a wealth adviser by day and a real estate investor by night (picture: first 4-plex purchased in 2010). Through working with high net worth clients and their team of experts, Jason's eyes were opened to tax shelter strategies that when coupled with real estate investing, provided the fastest path to financial freedom and multi-generational wealth. Due to not being able to recommend real estate as an investment vehicle to his clients through his employing firm, Jason knew he needed to venture on his own to offer these investment strategies to his clients.

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The Firm, Today

After many years of syndicating properties with investor partners, Jason formed Harris Investment Group, a
real estate private equity firm. Now with real estate holdings totaling over $375M across its investment funds, the Harris Investment Group team aims to further its mission of accelerating wealth creation for investor partners through high-growth alternative investment vehicles. 

Using a first principles framework with an emphasis on tax shelter strategy, Harris Investment Group specializes in value-add strategies that maximizes growth and tax efficiency.

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"The fastest way to wealth is owning as much real estate as you possibly can, as soon as you can, with as little money out of your own pocket as possible without compromising cash flow and while maximizing tax incentives."

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