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Harris Investment Group

Building wealth for our investor partners through alternative asset management.

$375 MM

Real Estate Holdings


Multifamily Units


Average Property Gross IRR

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Waldo Plaza Apartment Complex

IRR: 44%

MOIC: 1.65x
Hold Duration: 17 Months
Location: Kansas City, MO

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 8.33.18 AM.png

Ashwell Apartment Complex

IRR: 52%

MOIC: 1.65x
Hold Duration: 14 Months
Location: SLC, UT

Screen Shot 2023-02-03 at 8.48.21 AM.png

Brookside Lofts Apartments

IRR: 103%

MOIC: 2.08x
Hold Duration: 13 Months
Location: SLC, UT

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Access all published articles, video content, and other media content. From how we proactively identify long-term macro trends to strategic portfolio construction, Insights includes Harris Investment Group's position on the most important aspects of long-term investing, today.

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Harris Investment Group investment strategies are optimized for accredited investors that are looking for growth & tax efficiency. Each investment vehicle is actively managed and architected to maximize these objectives for long-term oriented investors. 

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